Moo Sa-Te
Moo Sa-Te is one of top 10 Thai famous cuisines loved by foreigners (#8). This luscious appetizer is a dish of grilled pork stick served with a juicy sauce. Actually, Moo Sa-Te was first originated in Java, Indonesia. Moo Sa-Te becomes popular in many countries in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia, Brunei, and Thailand. In spite of its origin, Moo Sa-te can be found easily in Thai restaurants worldwide as Thai cuisine has attracted world attention earlier than Indonesia cuisine.

Moo Sa-te is a popular and delicious dish in Thailand. It has various recipes including chicken, beef pork and vegetarian style employing soy protein strips or tofu. It is usually served with two sauce dips – one is a mildly spicy sauce with ground peanuts, coconut milk and curry powder and the other one is a sweet and sour vinegar sauce with chopped shallot, pepper and cucumber.

This recommended dish can easily obtain throughout the country for example, from Moo Sa-Te vendor, from a street-side restaurant, in Thai restaurant, or even during traditional celebration. Let’s enjoy its delectable tastes.

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