thai food
For Thais, rice is the main part of their meals. It can be said that without rice, it wouldn't be a full course of Thai food. However, eating rice alone is not a real Thai food at all. That's why Thais serve a variety of food with rice.

In Thailand, food is one of the most topic to think about. Thais love to greet others by asking “Gin Khao Rue Yang” which means “have you eaten yet?” or to be more specific, “have you eaten rice yet?” The phrase has shown how much Thai people concern about food and rice eating.

food in thailand

Usually, Thai food will come with rice and Thais love to have rice with their meals. Having sandwiches or things other than rice can't be called as a meal to Thais. Especially to a young group of people, they don't really sit down and have a proper meal, rather, they eat when they feel hungry.

It is wise to be careful when you have Thai food or have a meal with Thai people because you might gain more weigh back home.

Thai food is tasty and very savory until you find it hard to stop eating. Also, Thais would probably encourage you to eat more than you need as they want to make sure that you enjoy the meal. If you find that you can't take more food, you can just politely say that you are really full.

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