Southern Thai Food


Thai food from the south is extremely hot if compared with Thai food from other parts of Thailand. One of the most well-known southern Thai food is Kaeng Tai Pla and Satow.
Southern Thai Food - Kaeng Tai Pla
Kaeng Tai Pla
Kaeng Tai Pla -  It is considered as a thick soup that is really salty and spicy. The color of the soup is in dark yellow because of turmeric. Tai Pla is called fish kidney in English which consists of liver, kidney, maw and heart of mackerel or other fish mixed with salt. Kaeng Tai Pla has two types including the watery type and the meaty type. For the meaty type, it will produce the soup to become more aromatic.

Also, there is another type of Kaeng Tai Pla. It uses coconut milk instead of water. This soup has a sweeter and smoother taste.

Southern Thai Food - Sataw
Sataw – It is a green pod and is sometimes chopped into thin slices. Sataw is often cooked with meat and chilli or simply added to any Kaeng. It is sometimes boiled with other vegetable in coconut milk. Many people also like to eat when it is raw with chili sauce.

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