Tom Yam Kung
Tom Yam Kung
Although a great number of Thai food is described as being hot and spicy, people from all over the world are now enjoying its tasty flavor, especially the exotic Tom Yam Kung. Thai food is differed from region to region. While sticky rice is more famous among local people in the North and Northeast, steamed rice is much appreciated by people in Central and Southern regions. What might surprise travelers to Thailand is that certain insects such as crickets, silk worm larvae, and ant larvae, are also eaten in some rural areas.

Food from central region comes in a good mixture of hot, salty, sweet, and sour. Steamed rice is always served with different types of Nam Prik (chili paste) and soups such as Tom Yam Kung (spicy prawn soup with lemon grass) and Tom Kha Kai (chicken in a coconut milk soup). A great number of condiments and spices is usually put in dishes to balance the flavor.

Northern Thai food features flavor of mind, hot, salty and sour, but not sweet. A set of meal usually comes with sticky rice, boiled vegetables, Nam Prik Oong, Kaeb Hmu, and soups or curries. The North is also famous for its sausage made of fermented minched pork called Naem. Naem has a sour flavor and usually found wrapped in cellophane and banana leaf.

People in the Northeast of Thailand love a taste of hot, salty, and sour. Their popular food includes Som Tam (papaya salad), Koi (sour chopped meat salad), and Laab Isan (sour minced meat salad). A lot of condiments are used, but not many spices. Same as food in Northern region, meals are usually come with sticky rice, Nam Prik Pla Raa, and accompany by a lot of vegetables.

Unlike food from the North and Northeast, Southern Thai food is known for very hot, salty, and sour flavors. Curries are one of the most popular dishes of the south consisted a lot of spices and condiments, while Khao Yam (a mixture of rice) is a common dish among locals come with raw vegetables, Boodoo (special southern fermented fish sauce).

Thai food is renown for its creativity and delicious taste which can be amended to suit every single desire. You can always lessen the amount of chilies in certain dishes to decrease the hotness and heat or add more lime juice to increase the sharp taste of sour. Those who has tried the exotic Thai food will claim it as their favorite and surely ask for more.


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