Central Thai Food - Gaeng Phed
Gaeng Phed
People in central region of Thailand prefer cooking Thai food with smooth, mellow, and sweetish taste. Decoration also plays a significant role on dining table as all the dishes will be decorated with flowers, carved vegetable and fruit.

Steamed rice is a main dish for every household in the central plain. Usually there will be about three to four side dishes to go with rice. Soup like Gaeng Som (spicy vegetable soup), Gaeng Phed (Thai red curry), and Tom Yam (spicy soup) are some of the typical that regularly served with chili fried meat dishes such as Pad Phed, Panaeng, and Masaman.

Thais in central region also like to have salads. Yam Tua Pu or salad with roasted beef are ones of their favorite. Other common dish that can easily be found in Thai food of central region are Nam Prik (chili paste), steamed vegetable, fried local herring, and Thai-style omelet.

When it comes to cultural progress or intellectual advancement, people in central region often be the first one to adopt the latest tradition and there is no exception to method of serving Thai food. Spoon and fork has replaced the use of hand and a standard silverware set is widely used for Thai meals. Some well-to-do families will even have napkins folded on table and a waiting maid ready to be on service.

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