Som Tam
Similar to food from the North, sticky rice is always found as a main character of every meal in Thai food of the northeast. Apart from this glutinous rice, a meal set usually comes with traditional dishes such as spiced ground meat with red pork blood, spicy papaya salad (Som Tam), roasted fish, roasted chicken, and fermented fish chili paste (Nam Prik Pla-raa).

Due to the drought of northeast region, fried meat and deep fried insects which can simply find locally like frog, lizard, snake, rice field rat, and large red ants are another favorite dish among northeast people in general, while pork, beef, and chicken are preferred by well-to-do families.

In serving, northeast Thai food will be placed in a large enameled tray decorated with large and colorful flowers.

roasted chicken
Roasted Chicken
With a bowl of clean water on the sides, northeast people usually use hands when eating steamed sticky rice which contained in a small wicker basket (locally known as Katib).

Dessert consisting of cooked glutinous rice such as Khao Niew Hua Ngan Nang is one of the most common sweet dish to end the meal.


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